Himchuli Dordi Hydropower Project

Capacity 57 MW
Development Region Western
Zone Gandaki
District Lamjung
VDC Phaleni & Dhodeni
River Dordi
Latitude 28018’50” N – 28020’35” N
Longitude 84033’40” E – 84035’10” E
Access Road Existing Road-Kathmandu-DumreBhoteodar-Black Topped Road Bhoteodar-Chhote Khola : Earthen Road Chhote Khola- S.Dordi HW (opened by company), S.DordiHW/Himchuli PH to Hinchuli Dordi HW (to be opened)
Type of Scheme Run-off-River
Installed Capacity 57MW +10% CoL i.e 59.4 MW
Design Plant Discharge 8.29 m3 /sec at Q40%
Rated Design head 787.40 m
Gross Head 798.20 m
Total Catchment Area 120.43 sq km
Catchment Area Dordi 96.1 sq km
Catchment Area Dudh 15.32 sq km
Catchment Area Yulo 5.13 sq km
Catchment Area Kyuta 3.88 sq km
Total Design Discharge 8.29 m3 /sec (Q40%)
Design Discharge Dordi Intake 6.62 m3 /sec (Q40%)
Design Discharge Dudh Intake 1.05 m3 /sec (Q40%)
Design Discharge Yulo Intake 0.35 m3 /sec (Q40%)
Design Discharge Kyuta Intake 0.27 m3 /sec (Q40%)
Annual Rainfall above Intake 2540 mm
Diversion structure Free flow weir with boulder Lining
Length of weir 23m
Weir crest elevation EL 2695msl
Height of weir 4 m from U/s Apron.
Under sluice 1 Vertical Sluice gate
Crest of Sluice EL 2691msl
Size of Sluice gate (bxh) 3.5m x3.0m
Intake Type Side Intakes
Size of Intake openings 3.0×1.2 – 3 nos
Crest elevation of Intake El 2693.8 msl
Gravel Trap
Type Rectangular shaped
Particle Size to be settled 20mm
Size of Gravel Trap 4.20mx2.8-4.0 m; 20 m length
Bed Slope 1:10
Connecting Tunnel
Tunnel Length 395.5m including branches
Type Inverted “D” Shape, Concrete Lined
Size of Tunnel 4.2mX4.2mm and 2.6mX 2.6m branch
Average tunnel slope 1:250
Nos. of bend 2 no including
Type Underground Dufour Double Chamber Continuous Flushing Type
Particle Size to be settled 0.15mm
Width x Height of Desander 2 Chamber each of 9m X 10m
Sattling Length 80.80 m
Inlet Transition Length 19.80 m
Outlet Transition Length 10 m
Bed Slope 1:50
Operating level at Desander end 2693.30 msl
Desander Inlet Gates 2.6×2.6 m Vertical Sliding Gates
Desander Inlet Gates Invert level 2693.00 msl
Flushing Tunnel
Type Inverted “D” Shape,
Size of Tunnel 4mX4m
Length 108 m
Bed Slope 1:75
Headrace Tunnel
Type Inverted “D” Shape, Low Pressure Full Flow
Tunnel Length 4.2km
Size of Tunnel 2.8mX2.8m
Average tunnel slope 1:250
Nos. of bend 4 no.
Rock Trap 3.3mX5.5m; 25 m length
Dudh Khola Adit And Dudhkhola Collection
Type Inverted “D” Type, Shotcrete lined with Collection Pipe of Dudhkhola
Size of Tunnel 3 m X 2.8 m
Length of Dudh Khola Adit 81.65 m
Invert Level of Dudh Khola Portal EL 2681.2m
Slope 1:250